Analysis Fact Sheets – cell phone ownership when you look at the United Stated

Smartphone ownership when you look at the United Stated has increased as time passes 1 including among homosexual, bisexual, along with other males that have intercourse with guys (MSM)2. Smartphone geosocial-networking applications (“apps”) can be utilized among MSM to meet up partners that are sexual. Increased use of smart phones together with the typical utilization of apps to locate intimate lovers led CDUHR detective Dr. Dustin Duncan and their collaborators to examine the relationships between app use and health that is sexual MSM.

Characterizing App Use

Among an example of young black colored MSM living in Gulfport, Mississippi; Jackson, Mississippi; and New Orleans, Louisiana, 76% utilized apps. People who used apps reported their most frequently utilized apps as Jack’d (69.8%) accompanied by Adam4Adam (41.5%) and Grindr (35.9%). Individuals utilized an average of 8.2 various apps and invested on average 2.1 hours in the apps daily. The average number of “app-met partners” with whom they engaged in insertive intercourse was 1.19; almost one third of the encounters were condomless although a minority (17%) used apps to seek sexual partners. Additionally, over one fourth of individuals had been unacquainted with the HIV status of the app-met lovers. High amounts of condomless lack and sex of awareness of partners’ HIV status warrant research of intimate risk using among app-using MSM 5.

Contextualizing App Utilize</p>

Intimate risk among software making use of MSM had been examined utilizing a test of 174 app-using MSM in new york. The analysis addressed 6 contextual facets linked to app use and investigated the partnership between these facets and condomless sex. A big part (63.2%) utilized apps when experiencing unfortunate, whenever utilizing liquor (51.1%) as soon as utilizing any medications (25.9%). Individuals had been almost certainly going to take part in both insertive and receptive condomless intercourse whenever apps had been getting used when making use of any medications or when working with apps for transactional sexual encounters 6.

Fighting HIV through App Use

Apps show their usefulness that is potential among and medical care providers trying to reduce the chance of HIV among MSM. Among an example of 169 app-using MSM in London, 63.9% reported willingness to make looking for mexican women use of apps for HIV avoidance, and specifically apps to serve as reminders for HIV screening. Willingness to utilize apps for HIV prevention ended up being greater those types of reporting current binge consuming and club drug use 7 that is recent.

Current geosocial-networking applications have been completely used to supply HIV-related interventions 8 and also have the prospective to be utilized for other MSM health issues substance use, intimate partner physical violence, and intimate danger using. App-based sexual wellness interventions focusing on MSM ought to be developed, provided MSM’s willingness to make use of apps for HIV prevention.

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This work had been sustained by NIDA (P30DA011041, PIs: Deren & Hagan); My Brother’s Keeper, Inc; Wilfred L and Ruth SF Peltz Research Scholarship, granted through the newest York University College of Arts and Science Dean’s Undergraduate Research Fund (PI: William C Goedel); and nyc University School of Medicine Start-Up analysis Fund.

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